Shadows under a sodium lamp at Ash Vale station and the power cut after the UK storm of ’87, Janicek and Deville’s impeccable accuracy, and the jealousy, revenge, love, anger, and loss of 1990. A long lost postal romance, the terrifying, beautiful consequences of naivety, the look in an eye, the falling acid face of death in a mirror and the sound and the rush of air in an underground station somewhere in London, like red lights in a dream. The last one to leave because you don’t want it to end. Chemicals, Naturals, flashing red lights, burning white lights in closed eyes, white horses, dinosaurs in birds scaled faces, feeling closer to someone far away because you’re sharing the moon. Patchouli & lipstick on leather, when First & Last & Always was a weapon, thoughts of belonging but where nothing exists. The inflection in the last note of The Cure’s ‘Fight’. death, Death and DEATH. Electronic hand-claps, the twist of dancing stripe-y tights and the disguise in a fringe. All the friends, places and debts never to have met, seen or owed a moment to were we’d not to have been THE NOSFERATU.

A return to the 100% no compromise gothic rock that made the Legend and Rise albums what they were with songs like Siren, Dark Angel, Close, Alone and many more.

Vocals – Louis DeWray
Bass – Vlad Janicek
Guitar – Rob Leydon (Red Sun Revival)
Drums – Chris Clark (Alien Creation/Karmasutra)

and live

Backing Vocals – Anastasia Resurrection (Down From Below)

More news soon.

First live show Friday 29/11 The Underworld, Camden.

Ticket news to follow with an extra surprise or two.

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