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Shadow Assembly is a newly formed Gothic Rock recording project made up of Brandon Pybus (vocals, synthesizer) of Sonsombre, and Michael Louis (guitar, bass, drums, synthesizer) of Chronic Twilight.  The resulting sounds are pure Gothic Rock with of the most sinister variety.

Both headstrong songwriters in the Gothic genre, the pair wanted to challenge and expand on what they do best, individually.  Louis’ artistic gratification comes from concentrating solely on writing, recording, and producing instrumental tracks, while Pybus earnestly attends to lyrics, vocals, and mixing.

Sonsombre broke onto the scene in the second half of 2018 with its debut album, A Funeral For The Sun, later to be released by Post Gothic Records.   Pybus’ dramatic vocal style has been well received in the Gothic community.  With A Funeral… and the newly released sophomore album “The Veils of Ending” selling well and generating an underground buzz, it is the same dedication to quality, and all things Goth, that Pybus brings to Shadow Assembly.

Chronic Twilight has been making a name for itself since 2017, now with 3 releases to its’ credit (two of which are on Wave Records), and several videos.  Louis’ musical influences span Glitter Rock, Punk, Ambient, Goth, Progressive, and Americana, which are evident in his songwriting.  Fans of both Chronic Twilight and Sonsombre are sure to enjoy hearing the musical melting pot transpire in Shadow Assembly’s upcoming debut single, Black Shadow of Me.

Ghostcrawl, Shadow Assembly’s debut full-length album, was released digitally in June of 2019, and will have a forthcoming physical release on Oskar TerramortisPost Gothic label.  For more information and updates, like and follow Shadow Assembly’s Facebook page, | @ChronicTwilight | @Sonsombre

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