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There comes a time in every musician’s life when he takes stock and looks at what he has created and how he has reached that point. A self-critical analysis of the past and the creative forces which have shaped the individual to become what they are.

Two names from a dark corner of a music scene which has illuminated so many lives in times of despair, Mike York (Garden of Delight, Sweet Ermengarde, KALT) and The RËVEREND GONZ (Predrag ‘Gonzo’ VulinLove Like Blood) have combined to produce a split release as a solo project by Mike and a joint endeavour.

The Split release is available as
12“ Vinyl – limited edition of 100
Cassette tape – limited edition of 50


Mike York’s musical journey as a solo artist started in 2003. Without a name, but with a vision to write and produce songs capturing the senses of the soul – life, existence, love, death and release. Changing direction from being part of a band with its own diverse influences, Mike was able to focus on the experiences which have forged the musician and the individual he is today. Transposing those sentiments into musical form gave Mike the ability to unburden decades of unspoken words, taboos, and intensely personal pressures.

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Putting the experiences of shared stages and close personal musical friends to good use, Mike has laid the KALT name to rest but not the driving force which has been the catalyst behind the gloomy, angst-ridden and sometimes open and, above all, powerful production of songs found on albums such as The Invisible and Der Sturm. The A-Side of the release has four tracks which encapsulate the next phase of that musical trajectory:

• Claustrophobiac
• Your Heroes
• Where Were You
• Don’t Waste My Time

It would be a mistake, however, to think that this evolution means an abandonment of collaboration and references to the past. Listen closely to “Your Heroes” and you will find the echoes of names and many of the punk and post-punk bands which have stamped their mark on Mike’s soul and that of him partner-in-crime, The RËVEREND GONZ. And so a new chapter with old friends unfolds on the other side…..



Friendships born, partnerships forged in the heat of musical battle. Bringing together a combined love of punk, guitars, chaos and noise, Mike York and The RËVEREND GONZ (Predrag ‘Gonzo’ Vulin – Love Like Blood) have joined forces to pay homage to their roots. Set to The RËVEREND’s dark, bass vocals, the two-piece based in Germany have selected four tracks from their past which resonate through to current times:

• Decapitated – from England’s Broken Bones in 1983
• Company of Justice – from Play Dead‘s final studio album in 1985
• One Millionth Happy Customer –  from Cassandra Complex. Leeds, 1987
• Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely –  by Hüsker Dü included on their album Candy Apple Grey in 1986

Unashamedly giving a nod to the originators of a musical legacy which continues to throw off an ever-increasing number of variations, these tracks define the duo.
Passed through the filter of their own musical and personal experiences the tracks represent the origins of the duo’s journey as musicians, as much for their attitude to life as for the musical values which they convey.  Stripped back and re-assembled in the only way these two know how to do it they are a tribute to a generation past but not forgotten.

Picture by Danny Elevator


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