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ALBUM: We’re very excited to announce that we’ve just completed our third proper full-length album. It’s called “Period Rooms” and consists of ten haunting tracks written by Chris Luna, who takes on all of the lead vocals in this case!.

Gothic Music Records and Peter Out Records will be very kindly releasing it on CD and LP respectively later in the year. The release date for the CD version is 31/10/2017. Strictly limited edition to 222 hand-numbered copies. First 33 copies will include a hand-numbered promo picture + info sheet SIGNED BY THE BAND. IN ORDER TO AVOID THE ALBUM LEAKING FOR FREE ILLEGAL DOWNLOAD ON THE INTERNET PRIOR TO THE RELEASE DATE – ALL PHYSICAL COPIES WILL INCLUDE A BANDCAMP


01. The Balloon Girl
02. Escondido
03. Connection
04. Torment
05. Period Rooms
06. Before The Mirror
07: Water’s Edge
08. High Wind 
09: Autumn Months
10: Brilliant Stories


Double Echo began in 2012 as a studio collaboration between producers Chris Luna (San Diego, California) Ash Lerczak (Liverpool, UK) that set out to re-mystify the forgotten practices of post-punk and primitive soundtrack electronica in the guise of a lost band from 1982 whose demo tape 4ADnever got around to listening to. Their first release, the “Black Morning” EP, invited listeners to “dream of another world” of floating Casio keyboards and Sad Lovers And Giants guitars, demonstrating that their commitment to eighties authenticity went deeper than merely an aesthetic gimmick and found Double Echo a cult following on Bandcamp.

The following year in Liverpool – Double Echo played their first show as a live band. Determined not to go out as a “laptop act”, Chris and Ash performed alongside a dying, time-code striped tape machine and TR626, while smoke, weird projections and an extremely loud amplifier created a suitably immersive atmosphere. The show convinced local label EDILS to release the “Phantomime” album on CD and cassette, which was shortly followed by a compilation of Double Echo’s online output by Ritual Tapes in the US.

A second album, “La Danza” featuring new member Ellon Souter on lead vocals and a strong emphasis on cold synths, was released in 2015 on CD by Gothic Music (Finland) and on vinyl by Peter Out Records (Sweden) leading to their first European dates – a tour of darkwave clubs in Italy. Since then Double Echo have retreated into their home studios to work on a series of follow up albums (the first of which nears completion at time of writing) pausing briefly in 2016 to self-release the “Ancient Youth” EP and to perform at Return To The Batcave festival in Poland.

This summer Double Echo will appear at Lumous Gothic Festival in Finland.

A must-hear for those with a penchant for John Maus’ drawly, slightly incoherent vocal mannerisms and music as floaty and ephemeral as a wisp of smoke. Low slung baselines ride over spare drum machine beats, guitars and synths do battle to see who can conjure up the most melancholy air. You don’t need to see this band in order to imagine shoes getting stared at. But menacingly...” DANGEROUSMINDS.COM

DOUBLE ECHO transport you, quickly, into a smoky, dimly lit basement club in the middle of the 1980′s. Familiar, dance insistent, synth patterns and baritone vocals consume the room as you make come-get-me eyes at a fellow, rhythmically challenged, post-punk night dweller.” SEXBEATLONDON.COM

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