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Shadow Assembly

Shadow Assembly is a newly formed Gothic Rock recording project made up of Brandon Pybus (vocals, synthesizer) of Sonsombre, and Michael Louis (guitar, bass, drums, synthesizer) of Chronic Twilight.  The resulting sounds are pure Gothic Rock with of the most sinister variety. Both headstrong songwriters in the Gothic genre, the pair wanted to challenge and… Keep Reading

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Near Earth Orbit – Singularity (Official Video)

NEO habitation (incl. Annihilation map) Official video. More information under http://www.N-E-O.orgPurchase “Artificial Intelligence” under SINGULARITY in a moment of insanity i subscribed to a new technology transhumans, the low beyond quantum computing has taken control singularity the end of history steps on the moon but not alone the ancient form exposed now calls one final… Keep Reading

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